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Dry Ice Cleaning For Cars Maryland, Automotive Dry Ice Blasting

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Dry ice cleaning for cars is the future for high-end automotives.  We can now clean vehicle surfaces like never before.  

Dry Ice is environmentally friendly, creates no secondary waste, and most importantly  is non-abrasive.  We are able to clean areas that could only be cleaned before with a pressure washer, chemicals or steam which aren't the best solution to use around wiring harnesses and electrical components.  

The process cleans but doesn't harm factory markings or decals underneath the dirt.  This is perfect for survivor vintage vehicles that you want to make as clean as possible without ruining the patina from over-polishing or using harsh cleaners.  

Our Maryland dry ice cleaning services start at $250/hour with an 8-hour minimum for a full undercarriage detailing.  But please contact us with your project to see how we can fit our service into your budget.