When shopping for a Ceramic Coating installer, you must take into account what the desired finish product should be.  (A) Do you want just a layer of protection applied that will have some level of durability, or (B) do you want to make your vehicle look the absolute best possible then protected with a proven coating that will enhance and protect the appearance of your vehicle.  If the answer is B, the most critical aspect of what you are purchasing is the finish correction/enhancement.  You have to be prepared to ask the correct questions to your installer about their correction process.  >95% of installers cannot accurately quantify the process to get from the starting gloss/reflectivity/clarity to the end.  Its usually a very subjective process. They polish the vehicle till it looks good (in their eye).  But at the microscopic level, there are many differences.  Your eye may see a glossy finish, but when you put it side by side with another vehicle that has be corrected and enhanced properly, your mind and eye will perceive a difference.


How we remove the subjectivity from gloss appearance on a vehicle.  You can have a very glossy appearing surface.  From a distance, all things being equal, it’s often difficult to notice the difference from one vehicle to the next.  If you look at the group of images below, all 10 of these have the same gloss readings, however they certainly appear different to the eye.  This is caused by orange peel, and haze.  We achieve a very “wet” appearance by using state of the art tools to measure the start, our progress, and ultimately the end result.  As the reflected image quality goes up and haze goes down, the surface becomes flatter and the reflection of the light coming back to your eye becomes more even creating the “wet” appearance. 



Another reading we use to determine when a finish has been properly corrected is RSPEC (Specular reflectivity).  RSPEC is a very sensitive measure of texture that is present on a surface. This texture or waviness acts as a concave or convex reflector which deflects light around the specular angle. When RSPEC is equal to the gloss value the surface is smooth, as texture increases the RSPEC value decreases.  We strive to get these numbers to align while at the same time get a very high reflected image quality.


This is what makes us different.