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    • The only provider of automotive dry ice blasting in the Odenton MD area
    • More than 30 years of experience in high-end auto detailing
    • Using the highest level of technology to get the best result possible, including digital tools that inspect for imperfections invisible to the naked eye
    • Top level professionalism and a love for luxury auto detailing that will achieve the high level of visual perfection your car deserves
    • 1st Ever Dry Ice Nation Master Certified Specialist

dry ice car cleaning Odenton MD

Polished 2 Perfection is your go-to provider for state-of-the-art dry ice blasting equipment in Odenton, MD, and surrounding areas. Our dry ice detailing method is perfect for restoring vintage and luxury vehicles, effectively removing decades of accumulated dust, rust, grime, and tar. With our dry ice blasting, your car can look just like it did when it left the showroom, maximizing its value.

Dry ice blasting is environmentally friendly and produces no secondary waste. It is also non-abrasive, making it safe to clean areas that could only be cleaned before with pressure washers, chemicals, or steam, which may not be the best solution to use around wiring harnesses and electrical components.

Our process is gentle and preserves factory markings or decals underneath the dirt, making it ideal for cleaning survivor vintage vehicles. It allows you to make your car as clean as possible without ruining the patina from over-polishing or using harsh cleaners.

Top-Quality Automotive Paint Correction Services in Odenton, MD

paint protection film installers Odenton MD

We offer top-quality automotive paint correction services in Odenton, MD, that can help restore your car's shine and make it look like new. Our skilled technicians use a wide variety of polishers, polishes, compounds, pads, towels, and most importantly, skill and patience to correct imperfections in your car's paint job that detract from its shine.

With our Odenton paint correction services, you can remove up to 95% of micro-scratches and other imperfections to bring out an incredible shine and gloss for your vehicle. When done properly, your car can look like it just had a brand-new paint job installed.

If you want to add life back to your car and keep it looking like new, our automotive paint correction services are the best option. In addition to paint correction, we also offer paint protection film installation services to help protect your car's paint from scratches, chips, and other types of damage.

Professional Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection in Odenton, MD

Ceramic Coating Odenton MD

Polished 2 Perfection offers professional ceramic coating and paint protection services for cars in Odenton, MD. Our approach is to analyze and identify the latest technology in ceramic coatings to engineer the best solutions for our customers' needs. We offer a range of nano ceramic coatings that cater to different preferences and requirements.

Our ceramic paint protection delivers an exceptionally thick coating with extreme durability, strong chemical resistance, intense UV and heat protection, a high gloss finish, and an impressive hydrophobic surface. With our ceramic coating, car maintenance becomes super fast and simple.

All our FEYNLAB® ceramic nano coatings and other product formulations are our own innovations. We never use reverse-engineered clones or rebranded product offerings with new labels. We are passionate about the science of auto ceramic coating nano technology, and our obsession drives us to continually innovate solutions as automotive paint and surface materials evolve over time.

We are FEYNLAB® Gold certified

Paint Protection Film Installation and Paint Correction Services

paint correction services Odenton MD

Paint protection film (also known as PPF or clear bra) is the best way to protect your car's paint from rock chips, scratches, road debris, bird droppings, tree sap, and other substances that can cause damage. At Polished 2 Perfection, we offer top-quality paint protection film installation services in Odenton, MD, that can increase the time between repaints for your car, no matter how many miles you drive.

Our skilled technicians are experienced in administering ultra-thin, lightweight polyurethane to form a transparent protective surface layer. We use our expertise and high level of care to ensure that you get the results that you and your car deserve.

In addition to paint protection film installation, we also offer top-notch paint correction services in Odenton, MD. We use a variety of polishers, polishes, compounds, pads, and towels to remove imperfections from your car's paint job, restoring its shine and making it look like new.

Superior Corrosion Protection and Rustproofing with Waxoyl Hardwax Undercoating


Polished 2 Perfection is one of the few providers of Waxoyl Hardwax undercoating in the Odenton, MD area. Waxoyl Hardwax offers superior corrosion protection and rustproofing for all types of vehicles, forming a tough, flexible, wax-based barrier that keeps the elements out while providing unparalleled chemical protection that completely interrupts corrosion for all types of metals.

If you're looking for a professional detail with car rustproofing, Waxoyl undercoating is exactly what your vehicle needs. Contact us with any questions you may have concerning your undercoating, pro ceramic car coats, or any of our other detailing services.

If you're in need of a ceramic coating near you, or any of our other detailing services, call Polished 2 Perfection today. Our team of experts is standing by to answer any questions you may have about your undercoating, pro ceramic car coats, and more. Contact us with your project to see how we can tailor our service to fit your budget and restore your vehicle to its original condition.