My lifelong passion for cars and detailing fuels my goals of perfection. If you place high demands on visual perfection, as do I, you'll immediately notice that the service we provide is much more than a trip across your paint with a polisher and product. If you want results that only the educated few will notice, then take my 30 years of experience and put it to work for you to achieve that high level of visual perfection your car deserves! 

I am not a fan of gimmicks or unrealistic promises. I prefer to select the right criteria for excellence that fits within your budget, while using the best tools and products the industry has to offer. I will also work with you to educate you on the proper maintenance that will allow you to achieve great results for an extended period. All my testimonials are real people who have allowed their ride to be Polished 2 Perfection by my carefully chosen team.

Thank you,